After Dinner Speaker

‘On The Bottom’ - an interesting glimpse in to the Commercial Diving Industry of the 1970’s & 80’s, with anecdotal stories by former Diving Superintendent Neil Hunt

Neil Hunt - Toastmaster and MC and Ex Diver When he is not coordinating events Neil can often be seen performing as a speaker for small interest groups, who want something a little bit different.

Many people are not aware that prior to training as a Toastmaster Neil was a Commercial Diver during the 1970’s & 80’s whose work included underwater construction in the notourious North Sea, the Middle East and also salvage in the strong tidal black waters of the River Thames. In fact he ended his career as Diving Superintendent (air), overseeing diving operations to a depth of 165 feet.

Neil Hunt - Toastmaster and MC and Ex DiverDuring this open and informal talk, Neil speaks frankly about jobs he has done, the dangers faced and touches on the remarkable history of the Commercial Diver.

Interestingly, Neil was one of the last British divers to work in traditional surface-supplied equipment and audiences are enthralled (and left gasping for breath) as demonstrates its use by using a real traditional ‘hard-hat’ (Standard Diver’s Helmet) as a prop.

‘The Professional Toastmaster’ - an informative talk about the Toastmastering Profession by Neil Hunt FNAT, Past President of The National Association of Toastmasters

Over the years Neil (Redtails1) has gained a wealth of experience which he gladly shares during this informative and humorous talk. He takes the audience with him on a journey into the mysterious world of the Professional Toastmaster and wears full uniform to bring the anecdotal stories alive.